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Witches/Warlocks/Sorcerer/Sorceress Wicca Witchcraft Complete Starter Set/Kit/Bundle

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1 x Wooden Pentagram Spell Candle Holder.

1 x Triple Moon Tea Light Holder.

1 x 10ml Bottle Lavender Essential Oil.

1 x Sage Smudge Stick.

1 x Hematite Crystal Tumblestone.

1 x Amethyst Chevron Crystal Tumblestone.

1 x Clear Quartz Crystal Tumblestone.

1 x Witch on Broomstick Lucky Charm.

1 x Evil Eye Glass Lucky Charm. (Repels curses). 

1 x Metal Silver Pentagram Incense Stick and Cone Holder/Burner (Pentagram side for up to 3 sticks, other side for a cone).

1 x Packet White Sage Incense Sticks (containing 20 sticks).

1 x Packet Patchouli Incense Sticks (containing 20 sticks).

1 x Refreshing (mint, sage & clover blend) Incense Sticks (containing 20 sticks).

1 x Pack Opium Scented Black Tea Lights (9 in pack).

1 x Packet Dragons Blood Incense Cones (containing 15 cones).

1 x Black "Protection" Spell Candle.

1 x Light Blue "Peace" Spell Candle.

1 x Light Green "Luck" Spell Candle.

1 x Blue "Wisdom" Spell Candle.

1 x Yellow "Success" Spell Candle.

1 x Pink "Friendship" Spell Candle.

1 x Orange "Confidence" Spell Candle.

1 x Purple "Prosperity" Spell Candle.

1 x Red "Love" Spell Candle.

1 x White "Happiness" Spell Candle.

1 x Dark Green "Financial Success" Spell Candle.


Cloth shown not supplied.