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Santa Muerte Reaper Figurine Finished in Bronze Colour 29cm

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Santa Muerte is a female deity in Mexican Catholicism. She is the personification of death, and is a symbol of healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife. Usually honoured on Dia de los Muertos, (Day of the Dead), She is a constant reminder of our mortality. Here we see Her skeletal female figure, clad in a long robe, holding a scythe and a globe. She stands on a mound of skulls, skeletal hands gripping a Globe, urging Her to help them pass over to the afterlife. Cast in the finest resin before being carefully hand-painted, this piece is the perfect way to honour this beautiful Mexican deity. 

The worship of this most loved saint has spread way beyond Mexico and the worship of Her is very popular in the United States as well as in the UK.

Her name translates to Saint Death. She is also known as Holy Death.

She is known as the saint of outcasts. Even some Mexican drug dealers will pray to Her prior to embarking upon a "drugs run"!

She rejects no one! - All who come to Her are welcomed!

Needless to say that the Catholic church does not officially recognise Her as a saint!