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Red String Bracelet

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This simple design of bracelet has been used, and is still used, by many different cultural and Religious traditions throughout the world.

It is used by some to ward off evil and by others to signify a loyalty to their choice of God or Goddess.

In secular life it is used to signify a bond that you have with someone or a reminder of a promise that you have made to yourself.

It is even used by some cultures and Religions to signify a bond between two people, ie: a form of marriage covenant. 

Whatever your reason for wearing one, it is your special reason and that is all that matters.

Some traditions state that you should wear your bracelet on the left wrist, others say you should wear it on the right. Some traditions/Religions state that it depends on why you are wearing it as to which wrist you should wear it on.

The design of the red string bracelet is intentionally minimalist as this means that you can easily wear it all the time without it getting in the way as it were.

The idea is that when you receive your bracelet is that you get someone special to you to tie the bracelet on your wrist and it then stays there until it falls off of its' own accord. Some traditions say that when this happens this signifies that your wish has come true.

Our red string bracelets are made of hemp and are colourfast!

You will receive 1 x red string bracelet that you can tie on your wrist and then cut to your own requirements.

Once you start to wear your bracelet never take it off. Tradition states that this will always then remind you of your Oath, Promise, or whatever your reason is for wearing your bracelet.

We have deliberately made the cost of this item minimal as this is a tradition that we believe should be carried on by all generations. Too many traditions are being lost. This should not be one of them.

If you want we can also "dedicate" your bracelet to whatever tradition/Faith or for whatever reason you would like us to prior to us sending it to you. It can even be "blessed" in accordance with your chosen desire/Faith. This will be carried out by our "In House" Ordained Minister/High Priest or High Priestess. Please use the message box at the checkout to let us know what, if anything, you would like dedication wise etc.