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St Justin Bronze Pentagram Pentacle circle pendant

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Bronze pentagram circle pendant – A highly polished bronze pentagram circle pendant on an 18″ gold-plated trace chain.

Found in Celtic lore, the pentagram or pentacle, symbol of light to the Druids, represents the five divine aspects of earthly rule: The Stone of Destiny (Lia Fail); The Sword of Lugh; Magical Fiery Spear of Finias; Cauldron of Dagda (Ceridwen) from Murias; the Magical Boat of Manannan the Manx Sea God.

It also represents in many magickal traditions, the five elements, Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Spirit.

Diameter: 25mm | Chain length: 18 inch (45cm)

Supplied in a satin-lined gift box.