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Baphomet Oil Burner 13.5cm

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For all the Baphomet collectors out there, the amount of detail on this piece is truly awesome!!!

On the back of each Baphomet head is a different embossed emblem.

Supplied with 1 x tea light candle.

The Latin inscription around the base reads "Sequenti die aurora apparente, altis vocibus Baphometh invocaverunt; et nos Deum nostrum in cordibus nostris deprecantes, impetum facientes in eos, de muris civitatis omnes expulimus.", which translated means "As the next day dawned, they called loudly upon Baphometh; and we prayed silently in our hearts to God, then we attacked and forced all of them outside the city walls.".

The above appeared in a letter written by a Crusader in July 1098.