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Covid-19 Policy

14 GIFTS Covid-19 In-Store Policy:

As we all know shopping will be different in shops for the foreseeable future. We have put measures in place that we need to and also gone further to try to keep us all as safe as we can be.

HAND SANITISER - Upon entrance, you will see to your left a stand with hand sanitisers. On the top shelf you will see an essential oil hand sanitiser spray. This is free to use. Please do use this or let us see you using your own if you have your own you prefer to use. We are not liable for any allergies or reactions etc. for anyone who uses ours. You are welcome to use this on entrance, during and on exit and if passing by. If you do not use any hand sanitiser then DO NOT touch any items so as not to risk contamination. If you have chosen not to use hand sanitiser and would like items then please tell us and show us what you would like, and observing the social distancing, we will get the item(s) for you. 

SOCIAL DISTANCING - At the entrance on the floor you will see a notice that says to keep left. Please keep to the left throughout your visit to the shop, only going backwards if there is no-one else behind you. While you are in the shop, please observe a two metre distance. There are floor markings to show you this distance. When we are not behind the counter, we too will be observing social distancing and so please do not be offended if we move away from you. You are still as welcome as before. It goes without saying that we are unable to shake anyone’s hand. Instead we will greet you (and you can us) with our right hand placed on our left breast, this is a greeting that is common place in some religions and cultures, It is a standard greeting of Hello, equivalent to shaking hands.

PURCHASING - Please bring your item(s) to the centre of both counters. You will see a trolley. Place your items on this trolley. This will allow us to see your items and total the due amount. This surface is regularly cleaned. We will not need to touch your items unless it needs packing, which we will do for you using hand sanitiser ourselves. You are welcome to use your own bags. 

PAYMENTS - Cash is still accepted. We simply use hand sanitiser prior to and after handling cash. Card payments are also accepted and the card machine is regularly cleaned. Our card machine is also “contactless”. Contactless card payments are now accepted up to £45.00.

OTHER POLICIES - Our No food, No drink, No Vaping and No Haggling policies still apply. 



Thank you, George and Lizzie.