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KEEP BRITAIN SAFE is a organisation set up by the Directors of this site that campaigns for issues that they feel affect retailers and businesses and/or individuals with regard to safety, moral and ethical issues.

See www.keepbritainsafe.org.uk for more details.

Each membership lasts 1 year, and is therefore renewable annually.

By purchasing this membership you will receive a laminated membership card and 100 KEEP BRITAIN SAFE business cards that you can distribute as you wish.

Membership also entitles you to receive a 5% discount (after membership has been purchased and paid for), in this online store as well as in our physical shop.

Two types of membership are offered, Individual membership at the cost of £15.00 per annum, or Joint membership (you and your partner) for the cost of £25.00 per annum. Please select desired membership option from the drop down menu.